Francisco Guadarrama, M.D.

A harmonizing view of health.

Dr. Guadarrama's practice adheres to the principles established in the Declaration of Geneva.

Our philosophy

Health must be seen as a whole, in which physical discomforts, mental well-being and social difficulties are pondered with the same care. Doctor Guadarrama provides an integrative medical consult that appraises these three human spheres, reviews the best and most recent scientific evidence to decide, along with his patients, the best way to address their concerns.

Fotografía por Mary Schaad para Compañeros en Salud

ⓒ Photograph by Mary Schaad for Compañeros en Salud


Francisco Guadarrama was born in Toluca, State of Mexico. He studied medicine at the Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Medicine, where he was awarded an M.D. upon completion of all the academic requirements. While he was a medical student, he had a scholarship for academic excellence.

As he trained to become a physician, doctor Guadarrama was a medical intern in prestigious hospitals in Guadalajara and Monterrey, both public and private. He also had overseas training in Navarra, Spain.

When he finished medical school, doctor Guadarrama participated in a rigorous recruitment process to become a physician in a mountainous region in Chiapas, one of the poorest places in Mexico, in a primary-care clinic run by Compañeros en Salud, the Mexican branch of Partners in Health.

He was selected among several applicants and became the physician in one of the ten clinics overseen by the organization. There, he was responsible for managing a rural health center and provided over 3100 individual medical consults.

Doctor Guadarrama has experience working as a professional translator of academic writings and for over two years he worked as an independent consultant for Figure 1, a Canadian start-up that has revolutionized the way health personnel share clinical images. His research interests are related to the study and practice of internal medicine, social medicine and infectious diseases. His scientific publications can be found here.

He enjoys the company of cats, literature, Mexican alebrijes and masks, as well as chamber music, tea and delicious dairy-free food.

Doctor Guadarrama is a registered physician, licensed to practice medicine in Mexico. His credentials can be verified at the official government website designed for that purpose.

In March 2020, Dr. Guadarrama began his postgraduate training at Bajío's High Specialty Hospital and the postgraduate division of UNAM's School of Medicine.

ⓒ Photograph by Rodrigo Noguez for Compañeros en Salud


If you wish to contact doctor Guadarrama, please use any of the following services to write a short, clear message. If you require emergency care, don't waste any time and go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.